UEFA Euro 2016

Client: UEFA


The sequence is set within a "Gallery of Dreams" which works with the brand theme of "the Art of Football". It is a stadium and a gallery, filled with paintings of the greatest players and moments from the history of the Euro competition. The competing teams are also represented by "strokes" of national team colours that activate these paintings, bringing them to life, initiating stylised, painterly live action clips of the most famous moments of Euro footballing artistry. Populating the Gallery of Dreams is a crowd of fans from every European country, created with a mixture of "Massive" crowd generation software and live action specially shot by Liquid. Present in the sky surrounding the gallery are landmarks from all around France. The title sequences resolve to reveal the Gallery of Dreams to be inside Henri Delaunay Trophy.

As part of the project Liquid have also created all the designs for the Draw graphics and the Tournament match graphics, as well as a package of elements for international broadcasters.

Another exciting element to the project has been the additional commission to create our player paintings as physical artwork which will adorn the 10 real stadia around France.