Case Study: UEFA


UEFA asked for a broadcast development of the brand theme “The Art of Football” for the EURO2016 tournament in France. They required match graphics, opener, closer, bumpers, animated maps and a comprehensive broadcast assets kit.

We developed four initial approaches and over a series of stages and presentations won the pitch on a concept “Gallery of Dreams” 

This concept imagined a giant stadium which was also a tiered gallery of huge paintings of past heroes of the competition. The titles would also reveal that the entire stadium was placed inside the trophy for a grand reveal at the end of the sequence. 

The opener was comprehensively storyboarded to capture the scale and excitement of the sequence. We used Maya to generate the 3d stadium and “Massive” software to create the crowd. The crowd was also shot in a studio using 40 people in multiple outfits to create a huge, realistic crowd for closer shots.

The gallery images were generated in photoshop, worked up from football hero photographs and painted into to create the “Art of Football” imagery that adorned the stadium. UEFA liked these images so much that we were commissioned to create them as huge banner artwork to hang around the 10 stadia hosting the event around France.


Meanwhile we developed the match graphics system which used a very organic and original system based of sweeping silver shapes, celebratory confetti of brand elements and curvilinear panels. The broadcast kit was also run out creating all the branded assets needed for a broadcaster to create their programming, from virtual studio backgrounds to transition wipes.


The sequences earned us a Silver Promax BDA for Global excellence in art direction and design. 

Our success with this competition has also lead to more work with UEFA and we have recently completed on-air branding for their friendlies matches.