Case Study: Sonic idents

Nickelodeons Sonic channel in India was due a refresh and we undertook the entire navigation package, idents, break bumpers, wipes, merchandise look book, brand guidelines… and t list goes on. This case study is a look, in particular at the amazing live action / VFX idents we created.


Our idea was to put the viewer, 12 year old kids (mainly boys), into cartoonish worlds with a mix of 2D and 3D characters and environments to excite the audience and connect them to the toons that they love.

We shot all 12 featured child cast in a green screen studio across 3 days, interacting with some real prop elements but otherwise acting with the help of floating tennis balls and our senior creative Harry waving his hands around and acting like a Dinosaur.


Each ident had a sketch storyboard which had been approved by the client and briefed to the director and DOP. This became a crucial document during filming to sign off each scene that where often shoot out of sequence to create an efficient schedule on set.

Whilst some of the team shot the live action the animators cracked on with creating amazing 3D characters and environments to put the kids into.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 19.11.28.png