SONIC - Nickelodeon Channel Branding

Client: Vicaom 18

Network: SONIC/Nickelodeon

feeling SUPER Sonic !!

Viacom India wanted a rebrand to their SONIC kids channel, aiming to create a fun, high quality branding package that met with their brand message of “EXPECT the UNEXPECTED”. They were also keen to use a strong live action component to represent their audience and to echo social media themes that their viewership are passionate about. Liquid designed and created the full package of Navigation, idents, stings, and logo animations. The result was a rich, mixed media space where real kids interact with 2&3D animated characters, emojis, photographic collaged environments and a whole lot of unexpected laughs.

The main idents were shot across 3 days in a chroma key studio featuring UK based Asian kids. We also shot the kids as elements to be integrated into the navigation as emojis, giving thumbs up, pointing to video clips and showing their appreciation of the cartoons. The idents all have a strong narrative component that leads to an Unexpected punchline.

In “Robot Wifi ” a giant robot set upon destroying a city is taken control of by a wily kid who then uses wifi to make him hit some pretty groovy dance moves.


Idents and navigation were created to give variations across the schedule for festivals, summer holidays, movies and generic.

We also devised a set of idents based on the cartoons owned by the channel.

These idents saw us integrating the real kids with the cartoon action, and in the case of the 3D cartoons using the rigged official characters to create our own bespoke action.

The navigation was created to maximise the cartoon area of the screen along with Viacom’s wish to break out of the usual pictures in windows approach to bumpers and promos etc. We also integrated the messaging with bespoke emojis and our kid emojis to give a strong sense of social media conversation across the channel.