Tipping Point

Client: RDF

Network: ITV


Gameshow based on surely the most tempting amusement slot machine there is, what is it that makes us keep piling in the coppers? Well the same can be said for the show, it's a massive hit! And we have created a rich alluring title sequence for show which is now entering its 1000th episode. 

The titles takes us into the heart of the action, placing the viewer under in vertiginous angles as counters cascade. The logo type captures the essence of the brand - the Tipping Point - the moment when the precarious balance is about to swing.

The tone is both dramatic and fun, just like the show. The look and feel is high-end entertainment using full 3D and rendered in Mental Ray to give a realistic lighting and a narrow depth of field to really place the viewer into the shifting cliff-edges of the machine.