Bad Move 

Client: Open Mike

Network: ITV

The Good Life?

A sitcom following husband and wife Steve and Nicky (played by Jack Dee and Kerry Godliman) whose dream move from the city to the countryside turns into a nightmare.
To fit the light hearted and warm comedy of the show we created a charming stop motion sequence featuring the two cast as they move from the dreary city to the dream of living the idyllic country lifestyle.

As we get past half way in the sequence the dream begins to fade and the reality of the country life takes over. The two are beaten by the elements and their ramshackle new property appears over the horizon.

Animated and composited within After Effects combining multiple techniques to create the forever changing roller. Combining scenes to go from the busy city to the deep rainy countryside all in one smooth motion.

We kept every scene alive with the micro animations. From cows and birds to plastic bags and blowing trees, everything was given life.

We shot Jack and Kerry on green, so the task was made simple of integrating them into each scene. We treated the footage to feel like a stop motion walk cycle, allowing us to cut between expressions and actions as we needed, allowing us to add more to our living scenes.