ICC Cricket World Cup - England & Wales - 2019

Client: Perfect Pitch TV

Network: Global Feed

Bowled Over !!!

World feed On-Air branding, commissioned by Perfect Pitch via the ICC. All concept, design, animation, CGI and grade produced in-house.

Our winning concept for the ICC Cricket World Cup titles was focused on the ‘Greatest moments’ of international cricket being elevated by the being projected into a stadium using a contemporary ‘zoetrope’ . This route took the audience into the fantastic global history of the game as personified in the greatest ever cricketers of each era. It also resonated with the ICC’s brief which asked us to portray the magnificent history of the game and build on the heritage of the sport.

The Zoetrope allowed us to bring old, low resolution archive footage to life creating a dynamic movement that feel exciting yet nostalgic though its natural flicker.

We reinvented the trophy to be the source of the projected light, siting in the centre of the stadium and casting its rays outwards to create the revolving imagery. Additional projection screens surround the top of the stadium to provide more areas for the footage the live.

The sequence was constructed in 3D using Maya and composited in After Effects.