Case Study: Conmebol


Liquid created and supplied a full branding package to South American football federation Conmebol for their two events Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

The conceptual core of the project was the beauty and passion of South American football represented through fluid gold formations. This then formed the basis of all the stings, wipes and in match graphics to create a consistent and premium brand package.

Before creating each scene in the title sequence we needed to explore simulating different materials that would give us the right look and feel of the liquid but also behaved as we needed.  
For fluidity of the project we made sure to present multiple options for each scene. This would allow us to find the correct direction and make sure we had consistency across the whole sequence. Making sure the weight, speed and movement matched what we needed to achieve.

We also made sure that what we simulated was light and adaptable, to make sure that if we needed to create a new scene, combine scenes or completely replace a scene we where able to do so within good time, without compromising quality. This presented challenges but through combining techniques between Realflow, Maya, Arnold and After Effects we were able to achieve the results we wanted smoothly and within good time.