Case Study: Peaky Blinders


A two minute nostalgic journey through illustrations of one of our favourite returning series. We reworked and artworked iconic scenes of Tommy and the gang, seemlessly transitioning from one to the next.


With every animated sequence we create a sketch animatic, this helps us and client get a sense of pace with music and voiceover. The animatic then becomes the basis for artwork creation and building the sequence for production.


The above shows a 'Behind the scenes' view of the illustrated opening shot. Illustrations of characters and scenes are set up like theatre flats in 3D space. Micro animations of atmospherics give the scene life as the camera moves through. 

This is a camera move from the end scene, when Tommy is left with the consequences of a hard decision that breaks the Shelby family. The move to the side shows how the flat artwork is arranged in 3D space to create depth and perspective.