Case Study: Have I Got News For You


Hat Trick wanted a new angle on this iconic programme whilst retaining a strong sense of its heritage brand. The Liquid team are big fans of the programme and so when we went to the briefing we had already put together a creative proposal. Our gut instincts proved to be on the right tracks using a 3D collage of torn and cut paper giving the impression of the titles being created from news clippings.


Hat Trick wanted to convey political themes that would be likely to stay relevant for at least three years. Together with the HIGNFY executives we worked on scripts and animatics, whilst the politics of the day went through turmoil with Brexit and Trump. 

We created the characters and environments using photoshop which were then assembled and animated in After Effects using a 3D camera to lend perspective and dynamism to the scenes. 

The final result is a rollercoaster ride through our collaged political world, with endless details to entertain the viewer after multiple viewings. It retained the homemade charm of the brand whilst also being technically proficient and entertaining enough to gain a BAFTA nomination.