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The Creative Spark


Video marketing relies on the power of your message.

The power of your message is unleashed by the uniqueness of it.

The message you want to deliver may be simple, but it’s the way you convey it that makes it distinctive.

The way a message is delivered can be enormous and it’s the creative sparks within it that make it stand out.

We live in an age where all of us have a voice online. Social media is second nature now.

In our current society, where there are thousands of video ads per day, we tend to remember only one, why?


Creativity embraces originality.

Originality shares the idea of being away from the commonplace, something unusual.

However, with the world increasingly becoming more innovative, coming up with a wealth of quality ideas can be difficult.

This necessitates taking care of the other aspects of the film. Animation; colouring, tone, lighting, messaging, angles and shots. The list goes on.

A good video project is a culmination of all these.

They enhance the way a message is expressed and expression augments the idea, giving it a creative boost.

This also rings true for the creative agencies who pitch to the clients making them stand out in the crowd.

By questioning the normal ways of production, marketing can be made more effective since it hones the ability to produce a sales video creatively.

Not to forget, marketing and creative go hand in hand.

If the marketing message is conveyed appropriately, you’ll get leads. Whether it’s for driving traffic to your website, getting your business phone calls or buying your products.


We at Liquid continuously strive to bring every bit of creative spark by never ceasing to improve our ability to be creative as an agency. Well, that’s what our clients say about us.

We have also been recognized as a ‘top Video Production Company on DesignRush’

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