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An Understanding Of The Content Trends In India

India - Content Trends, Media and Production

India - Content Trends, Media and Production

India has been consuming content for a very long time. From newspapers incorporating visuals to radio that relies on audio, to television that led to the convergence of Video and audio content forms. Internet then caused the next wave of change which disrupted the content ecosystem making all forms of content to be accessible on one platform. Smartphones followed, crossing the boundaries of communication, making the content accessible 24*7.  

Today, the multimedia capabilities of smartphones has outnumbered traditional media outlets in terms of reach, changing the scenario of content outlets such as tv, newspapers and even radio stations, who are now vying for a presence on smartphones. This has ushered in a new form of content creation and distribution. Not only there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of content creators, but also with the change in the attention span of people, new content formats have been evolving. Starting from 1-2 min videos, to tweets to memes to gifs, short form content has already started dominating the media and content industry. Needless to say, short form content, will drive the content dynamics and will emerge as the biggest form of content consumption in India, especially on mobile. With short form content being easily shareable, consumable and visual, it is certain that it will take charge of the content and media industry in the Indian space sooner rather than later.

Given the steady transition from analogue to digital and the increased presence of internet, the domestic demand for original creative content both online and tv has been on a steady rise. The splurging share of the OTT platforms has been causing a shift in viewing pattern from commonism to individualism, giving the advertisers an opportunity to target their audience one on one.

That said, with people steadily becoming social media and internet savvy, content needs to be able to resonate with both the viewing patterns; living room as well as the bedroom binge watch pattern. The content providers need to deliver much richer content to be able to develop lasting relationship with the viewers. Not to lose sight of the fact that the content produced either needs to cater to a wider audience base or smaller and specific regional audience base spanning North, South, East or West.

Understanding the aforementioned, ever-demanding and varied content requirements of the Indian diaspora, we at Liquid, over the past 25 years, have partnered with reputed networks and production companies spanning across traditional and digital tv networks, sports and corporates to produce content that is original, memorable and effective. Producing quality content has been our forte, which has been recognised by a range of our happy partners from India. Our ability to act Glocal: a Global production agency that can act local, has nurtured us a vast partner base such as Star Network, Sony, Zee, BBC, Viacom, across a variety of television and media networks.

If you would like to partner with us for creative and original content production, give us a call at +44 (0) 207833 8633 or drop us a line at

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