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6 Benefits of Explainer Videos - Explained


An explainer video, through its creative storytelling about your brand in an engaging and compelling way, goes a long way in creating a significant impact on your potential customer base. It can serve as an excellent marketing tool that can jumpstart your conversion rates.

Let’s take a sneak peak at some of the benefits that an explainer film has to offer your business.

Brand Awareness: Explainer videos with their ability to showcase a company’s brand through its brand narrative can help you build a brand personality that people can associate with. By helping positioning your brand in the mind of your customers through creative story telling, explainer films also do the work of moving your customers, who are already aware of your brand, through to the consideration stage of the sales and marketing funnel.

Website traffic: By making complex things look easy, explainer videos can attract a significant number of visitors to your website. Since the dawn of YouTube, we have seen videos that come out of nowhere and go viral. They then direct the potential customers to your website who wish to explore more about your products or services thus aiding in your web traffic.

Social Boost: A clear, concise, creative explainer video about your products and services as part of your social media marketing strategy can raise your social profile and build a community for your business. Creative content in the form of animations, cartoons, eye-catching illustrations in your online adverts can lead your video to getting shared and reshared, if not viral of course.

Google Search Rankings: By having explainer videos on your website, you can increase the dwell time. The longer people stay on your website, the lesser the bounce rate, the better the chances of google search engine boost because Google then understands that your website has good quality and engaging content, which ups your ranking.

They increase sales: In this era, explainer videos serve as your new sales manual. They replace those boring emails and long sales pitches through engaging content that explain your business and are equivalent to a face to face demonstration of your product or service. 

They liven up your pitch: PowerPoint slide shows, with a bunch of words and pie charts don’t do much to engage your audience. Research has shown that if you simulate the auditory and visual senses you increase your viewers understanding of your pitch by 74%.

Explainer videos serve as a strong tool for communicating your idea to your potential client. They are much more expressive, requires less talking and consider all your energy and cost saving that comes along! 

This also explains why creative agencies are swiftly adapting to this new way of promoting their services and specialisms. 

We at Liquid TV have helped many of our clients through explainer videos about their products and services that have in-turn helped them in getting leads in the form of calls, enquiries, sales or more web traffic.

Proof is in the pudding. Have a look at some of the explainer films that we have worked on.

Explainer film for Vonage

Explainer film for SFR Stargate

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