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Charm your audience, choose your agency sensibly for video creation!


As the internet offers oceans of information when searching for a video production company, especially around the London area, how can you then decide which one best suits your needs? Here is a guideline which can help you make a quick decision and save your valuable time when hiring the right creative production company.

Tip 1: Don’t just Google, look at the portfolio of their work.

         This looks pretty obvious... Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Does their work look professional?

  • Does it match the values of your offering to your clients?

  • Does the Company and their work reflect quality output?

  • Is their work creative and memorable enough to suit your marketing needs?

  • Does it compel you to find out more about the Company?

  • Who are their clients and how does this reflect on the standard of the video production agency?

Tip 2: Find out about their clients.

        A business has to be credible enough for you to partner with. There are several rats in the race bragging about how good they are, how they meet timeline milestones and provide innovative content, but is this really true? The best approach would be to look at Agency’s client portfolio. Do they have reputable clients that they already have a proven track record with? If not, there’s already a red flag. If yes, how highly do the clients speak of them? Visit the client’s website to know they aren’t fake. Are there any reviews on google? Ask them if they have any repeat clients. If yes, they do their work really well! They believe in partnerships, which can help the work run smoothly and with collaborative understanding as to your true needs.

Tip 3: Are they aware of the latest industry trends?

Call them. Talk and while they talk, you will be able to figure out if they understand your needs well, If they understand your audiences, If they understand what the message is that you want to deliver to your audience. Are they also able to creatively suggest a different direction which adds value ? A different but a better idea? What is their vision? Have they been meeting their goals while adhering to the company values? If yes, they are really passionate about what they do. Don’t miss a chance to hire them.

Tip 4: Quality matters. Don’t compromise on the price.

There is a plethora of videos being produced every day, however It’s the quality that will make you win the race. Paying a little extra to completely delight your audience can drive your marketing campaign towards success and a better ROI.

There may be a lot of hype and jazz in the front end for many creative production agencies, in that case, you should refer back to tip 2. and if there are clients who have wanted to work with that agency again, you are good to go!

We at Liquid TV, believe in partnerships, and have long standing and satisfied clients both locally and globally over our 25 year history of creating memorable video content.

Check our client portfolio on the link below and see what our clients say about us.

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Hope these tips come handy in preparing you to choose your agency wisely!